TKC N9 Ergodox Kit

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In addition to GMK >Terminal_, we’re pleased to offer a solution for the many (MANY) requests for a >Terminal_ Ergodox kit, the N9 Ergodox Modifiers Kit.

As a special treat, with the blessing of Joseph (Keyclack) and Sheraton (Originative), the N9 ‘Dox kit will also include accent keycaps for their respective popular GMK sets in addition to >Terminal_. As many of you know, GMK sets tend to have a little harder time hitting MOQ when kitted out too much, and banding together we feel the community can make this happen, whether you’re interested in >Terminal_ or excited that you’d finally be able to deck out your Ergodox with the legendary GMK Sky Dolch or soon to be legendary GMK Hydro. Includes accent keys to pair with Dolch, Sky Dolch, Dolch Reborn, Charred Orange, Skidata+, Hydro, and the upcoming Pyro!

Do I need to buy >Terminal_ if I want this? Nope. The kit is designed to be neutral and work with N9-based sets and many others, with color matching accents to various N9 GMK keysets in addition to >Terminal_. Go nuts.