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[PREORDER] GMK >Terminal_

[PREORDER] GMK >Terminal_

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Inspired by the Green Screen monochrome monitors from the days of yore (we're sure many of you remember), >Terminal_ is our take on a simple, aesthetically pleasing colorway on GMK's classic profile and manufacturing.


Will the base kit cover my board? >Terminal_ base will cover the following layouts with proper profile heights: ANSI • US-ISO • Winkeyless • 1800 • 65%/75%/96-key • FC660 • Minivan • JD40/45 • Planck/Preonic • Minorca • HHKB • Atreus/62 • more

Scoops or bars? Both. At no added cost from the GB announcement. Shazam.

When will I get my order? Based on the GB run time of one month and the lead times proposed by GMK we expect orders to ship in mid-June or sooner. The kits will ship as soon as we receive the shipment from GMK. We will keep everyone updated on our site, through periodic emails and through r/MK and GeekHack. GMK >Terminal_ GB participant orders will be 100% fulfilled prior to processing and shipping Preorders. 

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